Freelance copywriter

I'm a freelance copywriter in Oxford, with extensive experience writing, editing and proofing a range of content, including for digital spaces.

I've worked on everything from PHDs to music promos – but I specialise in marketing materials like emails, websites and mobile copy – all with attention-grabbing headlines.

I'm a digital expert too – I can write or optimise content to push it up the search results, and make your online content easy and enjoyable to use, no matter who or where your audience.

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I'm also proficient with Adobe's Creative Suite, and with DSLR filming including lighting, sound, editing and transcribing. I work remotely, or in and around Oxford.

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Some examples of recent work:

The wealth of 8 billionaires

"1 in 10 people survive on less than $2 a day. Meanwhile, the world's 8 richest people..."

Therapy in Oxford
Writer, designer

"I'm a friendly therapist in Oxford offering counselling to help people understand themselves and their relationships better..."

Jo Cox email for Oxfam

"We're all thinking of Jo's family and friends. Many of us at Oxfam count ourselves among those friends."

Sierra Leone: Unbeaten by Ebola

"Ebola hit Sierra Leone hard, but now people are getting on with their lives with real hope for the future."

Murder mystery invitations
Writer, designer

"Despite the gruesome killing that will shock the village of Midsomer Oxford on 12th May this year, you are cordially invited to attend Ed's birthday party..."

Stop Motion Handbook
Proof reader

What's happening in Yemen?
Writer, designer

"Deadly clashes and air strikes in Yemen have seen more than 4,500 people killed since fighting began in March..."


"Al has responded to all my requests in a very timely and responsible manner. He delivered work of high standard and met my demanding deadlines, allowing me to focus on progressing with my writing. I would recommend his services to anyone."
– Konstantinos, PHD author

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